Saturday, January 09, 2016

Images of 2015

My favorites of 2015, organized from most recent to further back in the year:

I am inspired every day by my wife. How did I luck out so good? Here she is, cooking for a temple event. Following image is of us with her father, Khun Paw, on the chedi pad, land we donated.

Sen and family, December 2015:

Kopavi in Idaho... actually, Kopavi changed his name from Kopavi Lyou to Boyd Williams. I did a similar thing, thus the "Gault-Williams"... great to have you closer, Boyd!

Johnnie and Ya'ash:

This pic reminded me a lot of another picture that I once took of Das, in Alaska:

My sons and Ya'ash:

My father, Edwin Sartain Gault, Jr:

Das found a way to get around the stumbling blocks that have historically prohibited Isla Vista from establishing its own governmental control. For those of you who may not know, Isla Vista is an area where our family has lived, partied and prospered:

Great Grandpa Rene having fun with his great grandchildren:

Yanna, Jerry, Deia and Osric:

Opa and Oma:

My favorite shot of myself this year, at the building site of our new home...

Last, is Kulthida (Ray), Thip's daughter, who graduated with an AA in 2014 and went on to successfully test for a government job in 2015:

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