Thursday, September 27, 2018

Keiko "Mia" Inoue (1948-1998)

This month of September 2018 marks 20 years since the passing of my beloved friend and partner Keiko "Mia" Inoue.

The above image is the one I sent out at Christmas time, 1998, shortly after her passing.

Here are some others that I consider classic and wouldn't want to fade away too soon:

1997 - Keiko got into surfing

1997 - .. .and hiking!

1996 - on the trail

1996 - a skier, even before we met

1995 - Yosemite with her son Takaya and my sons Senyo and Das -- and me, too!

1995 - to O'ahu with her son Takaya and I

1991 - tourist photo op

1991- striking the foxy look

Keiko was a strong Buddhist who did many good things for people, myself included.

She may be gone, but Keiko is not forgotten and still much missed.