Friday, March 22, 2013

Fred & Eva Wed

While I was visiting my Gault and Schrickel families in Ft. Myers, Florida, in March 2013, I was honored to be best man for my brother Fred's wedding. There are a bunch of photos of the wedding and reception here:  ... Here are some of my faves from the wedding:

Setup just prior, shot just beyond the wedding arch. Notice Fred's fishing pole slung across the blue sack chair with tiki torches flanking and Sanibel Island to the distant right.

Dad, dressed in white, officiating; Fred to his left and me to Fred's left. The bride Eva is in blue veil with her sister, the maid of honor, obscured to her left.

Eva in blue veil, her sister to her left. Dad is obscured in this photo, but there's Fred and I on the right.

A little closer shot.

Gettin' Down To It...

Congratulations, Fred and Eva Schrickel!!!

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