Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lee Guerra-Prats

Lee Guerra-Prats was a great friend to me ever since we first met in Port Aransas in 1972. His passing is like a loss in my family, so I treat him as such. The following are images of Lee as I best remember him:

You were a great friend to me, Lee. I am heartbroken at your passing, but as Jackie is fond of saying: "None of us get out of here alive!"


  1. Malc, thanks to you and Arnold Govella for introducing me to Lee. Fun times in Port. Aransas.

  2. Glad we all were there, Ellis... One of the things I most wanted to do when I visited The States in February was to smoke a joint (really, lots a joints!) with Lee... As Jackie wrote, Lee didn't have any enemies and who amongst us can say that?

  3. I used to think this song was for me. Now I know it was for Lee: