Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Hong Nam !!!

Hong Nam is Thai for bathroom. We have completed our remodel here in the Thai countryside. After toughing it out for a half a year, living like a Khon Thai, we decided on a better way... I found out that my decades-long dream of a 3-speed toilet is now a reality and worked the math to discover it is actually better than throwing buckets full of water down a gravity-flow toilet. Duh... Nice to have a sink and hot water, too!

Image #1: Shot taken Fall of 2011, when Thip first moved in and got help from her brother Pawt in cleaning the place up... bathroom on left, closet/washing room right (where Pawt is) and kitchen further right (out of frame). Living room in foreground:

Images Following: The Makeover

So, Cuz Barry: if you guys make it to Thailand, you have no excuse NOT to visit us! Your throne awaits you!


  1. Oh My Goodness ! A Real Toilet !
    What will be next ? They have these things called Refrigerators. You should get one of those too. You will be the envy of The Issan. You are indeed The White Raj.

    Lee Baby.

  2. Aw, Lee... We've had a refrigerator all along... I even have a 42" flat screen upstairs by my gaming console! We're just making the transition from the best of here with the best of The West... Gotta read White Raj. I doubt if I'm even close...